What You Should Know About the Best Web Reseller Websites

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August 11th, 2012

The best web reseller websites come in two different types. The first type is sold by hosting companies who sell hosting plans located on their servers. The second type is typically sold by hosting clients who purchased reseller hosting plans and are selling extra disc space they have on their plans. You should be knowledgeable of these two options for several reasons.

When you are in the market looking for hosting options for your website, you may run across these reseller plans which may not be the best fit for your purposes. If your aim is to get a website that comes with its own hosting, then buying from a reseller may be a good choice to make. Making that choice will depend on your objective for your business.

Webmasters are involved in a number of different projects which have many different needs that must be satisfied.

Facts on Two of the Web Reseller Hosting Options

The first option to consider is the purchase of hosting from a middleman. Buying web space from a reseller of hosting gives you hosting space of a middleman who has extra space in his hosting plan.

In this way, you are not directly purchasing from the web hosting company whose servers you are setting up your website on. Resellers who are selling from their allotted server space do not, in the majority of cases, have the staff needed to provide clients they acquire with the customer support for the plans they have purchased. This is a fact that buyers of such hosting plans should be aware of when they these plan.

It may interest you to purchase some web space like this if you are have a need to create a short term landing space for a short term marketing project. These websites are rarely customized and are just one of many being sold with a cookie cutter design and it may not even provide SEO considerations in their construction.

The reseller who sells these sites intend to make his money by flipping as many of these sites as possible, and to gain additional income from the hosting of his extra reseller hosting space.

The better option would be to purchase directly from the hosting company. Unless you take that course of action, you will be at the mercy of more frequent server downtime and you may also experience difficulty with other hosting plan features. These difficulties become real if you do not have direct access to the customer support the host provides.

The second option is to purchase reseller hosting directly from a hosting company that sells just hosting to its hosting clients. In most cases, you will get a fee domain name and a 30 day money back guarantee in case you are not pleased with the hosting plan.

These reseller hosting options will not be suitable for a small business that needs hosting space. The options are also not a good choice for an Internet marketer looking to establish his online business.

Other hosting choices exist that will provide better and direct customer support from the hosting companies.

Why You May Want to Avoid Reseller Websites

How would it make you feel if you opted for reseller hosting, only to realize that after a couple of years the income you realized, was far less than it could have been had you chosen your hosting differently.

That is entirely possible because you are not dealing directly with a hosting company where your server downtime is not immediately addressed, and your purchased website was not optimized for the search engines.

Dealing directly with the hosting company, means that you will have optimized your website to your satisfaction. It means that the site was not one that was hastily assembled by a site flipper looking to make a fast buck from individuals looking for a ready-made site, and cheap hosting to boot. Since hosting is plentiful and offered at very cheap rates, there is no need to endure the shortcomings of resellers who do not have your business interests at heart.

Look at all the plans available and you may find that buying the best web reseller websites and hosting plan may not be your best option.

Important Things to Note About The Cloud Hosting Reseller

There are different ways to contact a hosting company if you want to start a website and have it hosted on a server. You can contact a hosting company directly or alternatively a cloud hosting reseller. A reseller is an intermediary who acts in various capacities to sell website space and website bandwidth to clients on another person’s servers.

A cloud hosting reseller can act as a agent which entitles him to get commission from the principal host provider. In this case, the hosting company has merely recruited the hosting reseller to do business for them. A reseller can also act as the marketer. In this capacity, he simply sells the hosting services using the principal hosting companies name to run the business and all future communications are conducted with the main web hosting company. It is only the initial dealings that clients perform with the reseller. He can also pretend to be a host who will negotiate the price of web space and bandwidth for you with the actual host. Lastly, he can also be the actual buyer. You can purchase some part of the server from a hosting company, divide it into small parts and sell it to clients for a profit. Following this the buyer becomes the reseller and all supporting services are then provided by him to his clients.

You should note that all issues pertaining to software, hardware, and connectivity should be dealt with by the principal hosting company. Regardless of the fact that the clients stay in touch with the reseller, these services should be provided for by the main web hosting company and not the reseller. It is also important to consider who the reseller is. It could be a website designer, a web developed, a systems engineer or perhaps even a con. One should always be wary. But this can also be a highly beneficial package as most resellers offer a complete range of web solutions in one package for low costs. Control panels such as Plesk, Helm, Cpanel are what the reseller uses to manage his clients.

Pros and Cons Of Using A Cloud Reseller

Hosting companies have many benefits which they pass on to their resellers. So if you use resellers services that in no way means that the benefits you reap will be any less. Hosting companies prefer to sell or rent their capacities because it earns them larger profits and also gives new business propositions to others in the hosting world that are just starting their business.

Faster sales are also generated as when principal hosts sell their capacity it is to hosts all over and involve selling in more than one region. There are, however, certain drawbacks involved in using a cloud hosting reseller as well. If the reseller starts to compete with his own hosting company, it can be rather disadvantageous as the reseller does not possess all the resources needed to conduct efficient business. There are also safety and trust issues involved as the reseller has little or no control over the services he sells and new VPS technologies are slowly making reselling an outdated enterprise nonetheless.

New Avenues For A Hosting Reseller

Reselling may be dying out but cloud hosting seems to have saved the day. As the website under cloud hosting is not hosted by a single server, it enables the client to put more faith in the cloud hosting reseller.

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