Finding the Best Free Reseller Hosting is Simply Not Possible

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August 12th, 2012

It may come as a surprise to you to learn that finding the best free reseller hosting is simply not a possibility. You may even wonder whether this assertion is actually true? Quite honestly, how “good” something is will vary depending on everyone’s opinion. So, some people may claim that they have found the best free reseller hosting. But one fact that remains is that this kind of hosting is not suited for most internet marketers and business owners.

The basic truth is that almost any kind of free hosting is simply bad. There is too much of a trade off when you use free hosting, and even an inexpensive shared hosting account will be much better than using a free web host. If you want a successful website, you should be looking for other hosting options instead of spending time and effort searching for the best free reseller hosting.

The 3 Top Options which are Not the Best Reseller Hosting

A Shared web Hosting Plan

Shared hosting may be suited to your needs and despite the fact that this type of web hosting has its limitations, it is much better than even the best free reseller hosting. This is because as a webmaster, you will be dealing with the web hosting company directly, rather than through a reseller that is acting as a middle man between you and the host. Their support and customer service will also be much, much better than the best free reseller hosting.

VPS Web Hosting

If you want something more than what the best free reseller hosting and a shared hosting plan can offer you, in that case you should consider using VPS hosting. This is a virtual private server hosting plan and is superior to a shared web hosting service. You will get more control of your website and this kind of hosting is more suited for larger websites, as you will have your own server resources allocated to you. It is definitely better than the best free reseller hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting

The best choice in hosting is definitely not the best free reseller hosting, but rather using your own dedicated server. Depending on how much space you need and how much power you require from your server, dedicated server hosting can cost from $150 to over $1000 a month. But for serious entrepreneurs, this is definitely the best choice.

But What About the Best Free Hosting?

Looking at the best free reseller hosting, you should be aware of the fact that using reseller hosting simply means that you will be dealing with a middle man rather than the true web host. This is obviously not a good choice for internet marketers. You are much better off forgetting about finding the best free reseller hosting and directly using one of the top hosting companies, which will provide you with all of the features that you will require.

Why Do So Many People Look to Reseller Hosting?

If you are one of those people who believe that if you buy cheap reseller hosting you will be making a good decision for your business, then you really need a reality check. While it may sometimes be cheap, going with reseller hosting is truly a bad idea if you are building a serious online business.

Due to the fact that the overall economy is not performing as well as it should, a lot of people are trying to cut down on expenses. But if you buy cheap reseller hosting in an effort to cut down costs, you will simply end up hurting your business and potentially make less money than you would have if you had chosen to go with a better web hosting solution instead.

The thing is, when you will buy cheap reseller hosting, you will actually get “cheap” hosting. Not in the “inexpensive” sense, but rather, “low quality”. The reason why resellers charge less is mainly because of the fact that their web hosting is simply not as good as more reputable companies like FatCow and JustHost, which are two examples of excellent hosting companies that are much better than getting cheap hosting from a no name reseller.

The Main Problems You Can Have When You Buy Cheap Reseller Hosting

The hosting reseller doesn’t allow upgrades

The most common problem faced by those who buy cheap reseller hosting is that you cannot upgrade your plan to get more space. This can become quite an issue if you are an internet marketer or online entrepreneur, as you will not be able to expand your website very much without completely changing your web host. If your hosting options are limited as a webmaster, the money that you can earn from your website will also be quite limited.

Support is either sub-par or virtually nonexistent

Another problem you will get when you buy cheap reseller hosting is that the support that resellers give to their clients can vary between “just acceptable” to “extremely poor”. Many hosting resellers are nothing more than a one man business and cannot dedicate enough resources to provide support for all of their customers. While you may think that you will never have any questions or problems, it is always good to have a support department that you can rely on when you deal with a web host.

Reliability will probably be poor too

Due to the fact that you will not get much in terms of support when you buy cheap reseller hosting, you may experience longer downtime too. Should your site be down, you will have to get in touch with the reseller, who will then contact the main web host to try and get the issue resolved. This can take an entire day or more. But if you were dealing directly with the hosting company, you can simply give them a call and have the issue fixed within minutes, or at the very least have an immediate update as to when the service will be back up. This is something you probably will not get when you buy cheap reseller hosting.

Don’t Buy Cheap Hosting

The only people for who it would be OK to buy cheap reseller hosting would be those who are only seeking to make a few dollars a day from their website and will be happy with that. Or those who are building up a site to display some family pictures, impress their coworkers with pictures of their model train collection, or simply put together a website for fun.

But if you are seriously desiring to make money in the online world, then this is not the best solution for you. There are many inexpensive hosting options other than reseller hosting that you can use even if you have a small budget for your website. All in all, don’t buy cheap reseller hosting if you are serious about earning money.

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