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August 8th, 2012

There is no reason to have a difference of opinions when it comes to the best blog hosts for writers. If you are a writer or you are planning on becoming one by using a blog or a few blogs to make money, then you need to know which of the hosting companies is going to be the best for blogging and the writing portion of things.

Another thing to consider is if you are a webmaster and you want to allow your writers to have the best blog hosts for writers to make their job easier, then you want to know which type of hosting will give you this. It will not be free and we are not even going to discuss free hosting because it is not an option if you want the best.

The 3 Blog Hosts for Writers are Listed Below

1. BlueHost

BlueHost allows you to use the WordPress platform and this is by far the best platform for blogging when it comes to writers. This is because posting is very easy and you have the option to use either a visual editor or the HTML code editor. This gives you quite a bit of flexibility and customization options.

The other great thing is that BlueHost is one of the most reliable choices in hosting for anybody that wants to put up a website. You will have to pay for at least a year of hosting up front, but you will get a free domain name with your account and you will get some of the best support in blog hosting out there.

2. HostGator

Another great hosting option that is one of the best blog hosts for writers is HostGator. Again it allows you to access and use WordPress right through their Fantasico control panel. This makes adding WordPress to your domain name or website very easy to do. It is a very quick step by step process to install it and you will get plenty of space with HostGator for many blogs.

3. FatCow

You can also go with the top rated new hosting company for the year 2011. This is FatCow and they are one of the most affordable options for the best blog hosts for writers. They offer the Fantasico script as well to give you access to WordPress and they will give you reliability and support as you need it.

What do the 3 Best Hosts for Writers have in Common?

The one major thing that these three hosting companies have in common is that they allow you to use the WordPress platform. This is by far the best platform for the writers and it will even allow you to give separate access to each writer on your team. It also allows you to customize your blog however you want to and you have quite a bit of play with many of the features.

You will have many choices with free and paid plugins to help you get the most out of WordPress. This is one of the best ways to make sure you put up the options you want as far as making money from your blog and also making it look the way you want it to look. This is why these are considered to be the best 3 best blog hosts for writers.

The Top 5 Best Blog Hosting Platform Secrets

The best blog hosting platform is simply WordPress. When you pay for hosting and use WordPress to host your blog you can use a custom theme, widgets, sidebars, and so much more. You can use the different plugins to get exactly what you want out of your blog and to do many different things like share posts and add monetization to your blog.

When you are looking for the best blog hosting platform you have to consider many different things. There is the actual platform itself and how easy it is to use along with what it will do for you. There are also the different customizations you can make and WordPress allows you to do everything you will need and want to do.

You may be shocked to hear somebody asserting that he / she will be able to essentially make cash blogging and earn more from blogging than his company desk job. It appears most unlikely initially thought however it could be a fact. If you’d like to know the strategies, carry on reading to learn how to make a little cash blogging. If you have got the zeal for writing, it’s likely you can make cash with a blogging. Blogs are initially designed as an internet book or diary. But over time, blogging platforms have been developed and made it simpler for blog writers to submit entries for the world to see. You don’t need to be a P. C. expert to start a blog. Basic PC information is all that you need. Subsequently nevertheless, blogging gives you the opportunity to explore the web and discover more about PC technology.

There are a considerable number of free sites you will find on the web. While these platforms are good particularly for newbs, they’ve also got downsides. Most free sites have limited features. They’ve also got definite rules and standards and if your articles don’t meet them, they might not be printed. If you don’t like the restrictions of the various blogging platforms, you can decide to set-up a self-hosted blog. This is the right way to customize your blog’s looks and features.

All you have got to do is pick a site name and a host for your blog. A giant merit of having a self-hosted blog is it is less complicated for spectators to recollect your website than if you use the free blogging platforms.

Now on to the good part and that is how to make some awesome cash with blogging. The most well liked way to earn income with a blog is thru adverts. Google’s Adsense program is the most frequently employed by blog writers.

Essentially , Google reads the manuscript you write and places adverts pertaining to your subject. You earn each time a visitor clicks on the adverts. Affiliate marketing programs are also useful sources of revenue you need to use in your blog. The key programs used are eBay, Amazon and Commission Junction.

Thru this type of program you can place links on your blog that directs visitors to their site. If a visitor gets a product, you get a proportion of the sale for referring the item. Turning into a successful blogger isn’t particularly easy. It takes a considerable time to set up a successful blog with high traffic. Make certain that you write quality articles and use SEO for you to get plenty of perspectives. Now you know how to make some money blogging, start immediately and enjoy your new revenue stream. Here are a few more secrets to help you with getting started.

The Top Secrets For Hosting Platforms

1. Know the Different Between and

If you simply go to you can host your blog on the servers that WordPress owns. This is not the worst thing in the world, but also not the best. If you go to you can download the platform to use with your hosting. Another thing to know is that if you want to use WordPress with your hosting account you can use Fantastico to access it as well.

2. WordPress is Easy to Learn

There are numerous how-to videos out there for free that you can get for the best blog hosting platform. These will cover everything from putting up a post to adding a plugin. Plus there is a forum that you can use to ask any questions you may have. WordPress is much easier than most think and once you learn it once you will never have to learn it again.

3. Use AdSense and Affiliate Programs

WordPress may be the easiest platform for blogging when it comes to monetization. You keep all the profits and you can use themes that are set up specifically for AdSense or even Amazon products. When you use the best blog hosting platform you will easily be able to add affiliate products or whatever you need to make money.

4. You can use your own domain

When you want to get ranking on the top search engines you have to be able to use your own domain to make it easier. This means that you have to have a platform that will allow this and the best blog hosting platform for using your own domain is certainly WordPress. This will give you the best chance to rank higher in the search engines.

5. Give access to your team

If you get to the point where you start to outsource things like writing posts or even SEO work you can create log in access for those you outsource to. This will allow you to give them limited access to specific things and avoid allowing them to go in and make changes to other things. This can come in very handy when you get to the outsourcing point.

Using the Secrets of the Blog Host Platforms

There are many secrets that are not included here that you can use with WordPress to help get your blog put up the way you want with the tools you want. These secrets are not all that hard to find and they are usually free. When you decide to use the best blog hosting platform you will not be disappointed.

Learning to use WordPress is a great way to go about getting into the blogging world and it is much easier than many think. This will give you a good chance to make money from your blog and get your message out there. You will not have the issues that many experience with free platforms when you go with the best blog hosting platform.

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