Five Benefits of the Best Blog Hosting Platform

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August 11th, 2012

Without a doubt, WordPress is the best blog hosting platform available today. The paid version of WordPress provides you with several features including, widgets, sidebars and a large variety of niche and custom themes.

The advantage of using WordPress lies in the flexibility of its available plugins that permits an extreme degree of customization. Also, monetization of the blog and the capacity to share posts are valuable features webmasters of WordPress blogs make good use of.

There are a few important features to consider when you look for the best blog hosting for your site. The major factors to consider are the structure of the platform, the functionalities it provides and its ease of use.

You should also look for the capacity for customization. With WordPress you receive the capability to customize in a wide variety of ways.

Top Benefits of the Best Blog Platform

1. Distinguish between and platforms

Using allows you to self-host your blog using your chosen hosting company. Hosting companies that support WordPress will also provide you with a script such as Fantastico or SimpleScript to facilitate 1-click loading of WordPress on your hosting plan. The particular script you are provided with will vary with the hosting company.

Should you choose to use, you will be using the free hosting of WordPress. While this is not the best way to host your blog, it is certainly not the worst way there is.

2. Learning WordPress is easily done

This blogging platform is so popular that many users have created videos to help with almost any aspect of using the hosting platform. They are available free of charge. You will not be at a loss for help with understanding any aspect of the software.

Everything is covered, from posting content to finding and adding plugins to your blog. You can also get any help you need from the forum of active members who are willing to answer any questions you pose in the forum threads. Learning WordPress is not the difficult task that many people assume it is.

3. Incorporating Affiliate Programs and Google Adsense

Many of the available WordPress themes have been constructed for monetization with Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate products. One of the perks of using the best blog hosting platform is the ease with which you can incorporate affiliate programs and other monetization methods.

4. You enjoy the benefit of using your own domain name

The ability to rank highly in the search engine result pages is possible once you create and use your own domain name in your blog. The hosting platform you use for your blog should make it possible for you to use a customized domain name, and WordPress is the best hosting platform to use your own domain name.

The combination of a WordPress hosting platform and the use of you own personalized domain name provides the best chance to achieve higher ranking in the search engines.

5. Provide Multi-User Access

Providing outsourced workers access to your blog is easily managed. With WordPress you can grant them access to the blog to provide their SEO or content writing services. You can restrict the login access you provide to your outsourcers so that they will have no more and no less than what they need to complete their part of the project they are working on.

Using the best blog hosting platform provides you with many options that will fulfill your blogging needs. Mastering WordPress is a good introduction to blogging online, and as already stated, it is very easy to learn how to manipulate the blog built on the WordPress platform.

The platform is well suited to making money online and to give the visibility you need for your online business. The best blog hosting platform provides a much more sophisticated and better experience than you would have with free blogging platforms.

Premium WordPress Website Templates – Are They Worth Much to You?

Premium WordPress website templates are being offered at a large variety of sites online. Some of them are free of charge while others are available for a fee. You will just need to perform a query in any of the search engines to find these very eye-catching and attractive templates. You will find so many of them that you will actually have a difficult time choosing between the many designs.

Do your due diligence when selecting a premium WordPress template. There are scam sites that will overprice these templates and deliver inferior products. Your aim should be to purchase templates that are affordably priced but which give you the features that you need for your website.

Should you Pay for Premium WordPress Theme or Get one Free?

As you conduct your search for premium WordPress templates, you will come across some that are free, some that are offered for a fee, and others that you can have customized for you as a special order. Select which ever of these premium themes that is right for you.

The free premium templates will obviously be the best option for a webmaster whose budget is severely limited. However, the style options available among the free templates are attractive, and are very high in quality. In this case, free does not mean that you are getting an inferior product. You should be able to find a free theme that suits your website. If you do have some money you can use for the purchase of a premium WordPress theme, then you should set your budget to not exceed that amount.

Premium WordPress template range in price from $10 to hundred of dollars, and the fierce competition among web developers makes it possible to get attractive and robust premium themes without paying exorbitant prices.

When compared to the non-premium templates, premium templates provide a greater capacity for customization, better quality presentation, and a very attractive look and feel with the use of rich images and graphics.

Do WordPress Themes Improve Traffic and sales to a Website?

The unique features of the premium themes such as the outstanding pictures and images will draw visitors to the website, but can that increase the traffic and the sales for the website?

What will bring targeted visitors to the website and what will keep them coming back is the realization that the site provides valuable and useful information and that it is frequently updated. If the site content draws visitors to the site because they value the information, and it satisfies their needs, then continuing to provide such valuable content will keep the visitors coming back to the site and will result in a boost of the website’s sales.

So as you search for premium WordPress website templates for your site, you will find a large variety to choose from, both free templates and paid templates. Choosing free templates will not mean that you are choosing a poor quality theme. The most important thing to remember when looking for a template is that while it may initially draw visitors to the website because of their strong visual appeal, to keep them coming back and generating sales, valuable and constantly updated content must be made available to them.

WordPress Magazine Themes 2011 – What They Have to Offer

Many WordPress Magazine Themes 2011 are available on the market, some are available free of charge but others are available for a fee. WordPress blog themes have gone beyond the simple traditional themes that were suitable for article marketing. You will find many themes offering a newspaper type design or a magazine type format.

A WordPress website can be installed, completed and running in a very short space of time. Once completed, it will be fully optimized and will have a professional look and feel. It is possible to take the traditional article style WordPress blog and with just a little modification, create a magazine style theme without using a template.

You can start with a magazine style WordPress blog and convert it into a customized theme for yourself. That however would take some knowledge of WordPress itself. If you cannot make such a change yourself, then you should consider using a professional designer to do the job.

Important Aspects of WordPress Themes

Theme Cost – Many WordPress magazine themes are available totally free of charge. But the more professional premium themes are offered at a nominal charge. For the price you pay for the premium themes you will get a theme that is more flexible, with more robust coding and you are provided with support after your purchase.

Themes by StudioPress – StudioPress creates some of the best WordPress magazine themes 2011. This series of themes include the Genesis Framework site builder that simplifies the site creation process. It makes it a fast website creation process that results in a flexible, functional site that is secure and fully SEO optimized.

StudioPress Genesis Framework – The value of this feature is that it will create for you a website that is secure, updates readily and is so well-optimized that you will not need to take time away from your business building activities to tend to the
website’s needs for SEO or to make any website design adjustments.

WordPress Magazine Style Themes – Three good examples of the WordPress magazine style blogs from StudioPress are the Magazine Child theme, The Lifestyle theme, and the News Child theme.

Unique Features of Magazine Style Blogs

Image Usage – In magazine style blogs, great use is made of images. They lend attractiveness to the blogs and each listed item will have an image associated with it. Thumbnails are displayed with each except that appears in the sidebars or on the pages of the blog.

Featuring Posts – A unique feature of magazine WordPress themes is that they feature posts. These are seen on the home page or they sometimes will be seen in the sidebars. In whatever location they appear, they contain the article titles contained in the blog. Together with the titles they may include an excerpt of the article and possibly also a photograph or an image. These blogs allow a number of different groupings for these listings – they may appear in specialized menus or in categories.

Information Feeds – StudioPress magazine theme has built-in widgets that contain subscriber feeds. These provide a boost in any campaign to generate additional revenue from advertisers. The use of the feeds becomes a helpful tool.

Ease of Navigation – The Genesis Framework makes good use of menus and sidebars in its navigation system. A visitor to the site will find it very easy to navigate to the categories or the information he needs. This helps out tremendously when a visitor is dealing with a large site with a great deal of content and categories.

Site Monetization – Monetization of WordPress magazine themes are never a problem since they are designed ad-ready for making money. The designs make it possible to position ads in any location in the posts, as banners, in the sidebars and as a part of the site header.

Many Site Installations – With StudioPress magazine theme, the paid version allows you to install an unlimited number of the theme – there is no limitation to how many times you may use the theme in your websites.

Ongoing Customer Support – An active forum with helpful moderators is available for assistance with any theme issues after purchase.

WordPress magazine themes 2011 provide some of the most attractive, functional, flexible, eye-catching and colorful themes available anywhere. They simulate looking at a hard copy magazine. At the cost of just a few dollars you can move away from the more plain traditional WordPress themes that for too long had been all that was available for webmasters.

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