What are the Best Blog Hosting Companies?

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August 8th, 2012

When you are searching for the best blog hosting companies you have to know what you are looking for. Having a blog can be something that makes you money and can be a great way to get traffic to your website. Blogs have more content than websites usually have and this helps the posts to gain ranking in Google and other search engines.

Today, there are so very many different blog hosting corporations that are super simple to utilize and that seem to be appealing to several net users, particularly mommy blog writers. A lot of these sites have a tendency to offer well designed interfaces that are super simple to learn and use regularly. From another perspective, there also are plenty of flaws that come from these free blog hosting services. One of the most important issues that comes with putting your blog on one of those free sites is that your content isn’t secure and protected.

The blog hosting corporations can change their policies and details of use in little more than 1 or 2 seconds. there were issues during the past where firms would take over the users content causing a great issue with the owners of the content. Next, you cannot be 100% sure how long these hosting firms will be around. What would you do if one day you awakened and your blog was totally gone? This is a fact that many blog owners face when making an attempt to choose whether to go for free hosting or paid blog hosting.

Another big issue is the ability to do what you need to your blog. They offer major advertising all over your blog and this will significantly impede the chance of earning some of your own cash through advertisements of your own. If you’re hosting your blog with a free blog hosting supplier, you may just miss a chance to work with gigantic sponsors. Your blog could be getting many thousands of visitors but you cannot do anything with it because somebody else owns your blog. There are many large firms and media giants don’t trust free services due to their unsteadiness.

They’re likely not going to chance partnering with a site that won’t give them any guarantee of site uptime. I can make sure that if a blogger has total control over their blog, they can obtain a lot more income from trusty firms.

Nothing is possible with a blog without hosting and if you want to find the best blog hosting companies you have to know what to look for. There are many things that you are going to want to look for including the platform you host your blog with, the actual hosting company, and whether you choose a free hosting choice or a paid one.

Three Things to Consider When Looking for a Great Blog Host Company

1. Platform

There are many blogging platforms that you can use including Joomla, WordPress, Blogger, and many more. Some of these are free and others are not. Some of the platforms have a free option and a paid option, but you have to know what you are looking for. If you choose the wrong platform you may not be able to do as much with your blog as you want.

WordPress allows you to customize by using different themes, widgets, and actually edit the source of the code if you want to. You can also host your blog on your own domain with WordPress, which helps the ranking and more. You can do quite a bit with blogger as well, but it does have some limitations to it as well.

2. Hosting Company

You have to choose the best blog hosting company and to do so you have to look at what each hosting company offers. This is very important because the hosting company that gives you the best support, the best customer service, and the platform that you want to use will be the one that you are going to want to go with.

Also, make sure you compare the price of each hosting company. Some of them will give you a great price up front, but you have to pay for one or two years right away. Others like HostGator allow you to pay monthly and they will be a bit more expensive, but you do not have to pay for a year or two up front.

3. Free or Paid

Another choice you have to make is whether you want to host your blog on a free hosting account like Blogger or if you want to use a paid hosting account. You can use a free option with WordPress or Blogger, but you also have the option to use WordPress with paid hosting. This will give you the most customization.

Settling on One of the Best Blog Companies

The final decision will be yours, but you do have to do your research. Make sure as you are searching for the best blog hosting companies you consider all the options out there. You should read as many reviews as you can find on other blogs and in the forums for internet marketing and blogging. This will help you to have confidence in your decision.

It is not that expensive to pay for hosting and use a platform like WordPress for your blogging. You can get a very affordable hosting account with one of the top ten web hosting companies and you will get the best possible support as well. Just make sure you are comfortable with the best blog hosting companies that you are looking into.

Choosing from the Best Free Blog Hosts

Free blog hosting sites can be found very easily online, and for that reason, many aspiring bloggers will tend to choose from among those instead of opting for paid blogging services.

Trying to find the best free blog hosts may be a little difficult with the conflicting information in the marketplace, and also because of the need for you to decide if the free blog hosts will be compatible with what you are trying to achieve online.

The free blog hosts can be used successfully if your purpose is to utilize the blogging platform to blog in its truest form. However, if you are using these free blog hosting sites for commercial purposes, you will run into problems with the hosts who will not approve of blatant selling from their servers. Also, such commercial purposes will be severely hampered by the limitations on the resources and features available on these blog platforms.

Another severe disadvantage of using such free blogs is that you are very much at the mercy of the hosts who are not under any obligation to continue hosting your site.

These hosts can easily make the business decision to shut down your site for whatever business decision suits them, and you will have no recourse whatever. They are not even obligated to give you any forewarning.

But for those whose purpose is not strictly commercial, the use of the free blogging hosts may be just the solution they are looking for. If a blogger must choose a free host for his website, it would be a wise choice to select the more well-known and respected free hosting sites.

Free blogs are utilized by many Online marketing gurus to plug their internet sites and products. Free blogs can not just be a strategy of promoting your name, but they may also be used to funnel traffic which converts and leads to more sales. And then, it’s always possible to use pay-per-click adverts or promote affiliate products on your blog or sell funded reviews and earn more. In this piece we intend to momentarily see what’s a blog, why blogs are so amazingly popular and the way to set up a free blog which can then be utilized to push your web site. To start from the fundamentals, a blog or web-blog is a site where the owner ( or the blogger ) writes his / her ideas just like a diary or book. Blogs are extremely popular because they’ve got a personalized touch. Folks these days are always keen on what people think / do. This is basic human inclination and this is what makes blogs so favored.

The Beginning of Blogging with A Free Host For Blogs

At the beginning of the blogging age, blogs used to be only about private things. Nonetheless now things have changed. More business firms have blogs where they supply purchasers with info on new developments and products. Blogs have many benefits over conventional HTML sites. Blogs should be updated once in a few days. For that reason, search websites like Google love blogs. You could have come across blog content in the top ten search site positions for many well-liked keywords obviously demonstrating that fact that search sites actually love blogs.

Blogs also have other advantages like built in RSS feeds. And then, making / updating a blog is really easy provided you use the proper blogging system like Blogger or WordPress. Actually it does even need any data in HTML : if you can use MS Word, you can blog! Making a blog isn’t complicated. There are several free blog hosting services like Blogger [www.blogger.com] and WordPress [www.wordpress.com]. There might be others, but now these are best. Blogger belongs to Google while WordPress is the property of a company called Automattic. If one was to ask me to pick one of them, I am going to go for Blogger as it is well included with Adsense. Well, Since Google owns Blogger, when talking about search engine positions it has got to be a fan of blogs hosted there. You have also got a choice to host a blog on your own domain.

All you have got to do is make a sub-domain like blog.yourdomain.com and install a blogware like WordPress there and get blogging. Nevertheless I might like a blog hosted on a free blog web-hosting service. I’ll explain the rationale later on. When you make a blog, the very first thing you must do is to do reciprocated linking between your website and blog. If your internet site has been indexed, your blog will get indexed too in a brief time. Generally it needs a few days for the search websites robots to arrive and index the contents of your blog. You may also do a little promotion to get your blog indexed quicker. I am going to suggest 2 time tested strategies : one ) Join a web forum and put a link to your blog in the signature and two ) Submit your blog to one or two web directories. Forums get spidered daily and so your blog will get crawled and indexed in almost no time. Forums can also get you some traffic as other forum members may have an interest in your blog.

A known and Well Respected Free Blog Hosts:


This free blog host currently hosts about 35.4 million communities and journals. This free host provides a community of people who share their blogs, diaries and journals with others online. Included on this platform are features such as polls, calendars, commenting, and a variety of authors. The site has become quite a social networking type of community.

The site gives you a flexibility to manipulate a large assortment of templates to customize your site design. The platform supports advertising on the site and the presence of photo albums.

The preceding gave a description of some of the best free blog hosts online today. Free blog hosting may not be suitable for all people wanting to start a blog, but it can be quite adequate for some especially if they are not looking to build a commercial blog in the space, and do not need greater control and access to more specialized features and resources.

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