Awstats rerun and hsphere

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October 9th, 2008

All log files is located in hslogfiles folder.

Via IIS management you can find number of host ID of

In hslogfileswwwW3SVC[host ID of] folder is located log files.

Then you can copy all needful log files to some folder like c:Awstats,
then go to Hsphereskeletonawstats, oped/edit file

change path to logfile in LogFile=””
and path to folder where will be results DirData=””

First updated logfile should be the oldest.

Run manualy Awstats by help our documentation

Then you can copy results(from folder that is located by DirData parameter) to user home directory c:hshomesandspsandspit.comAWStats

Turn off/on Awstats via user CP interface.

How I can manually update AWStats for needful domain on windows server?
Solution 1.Go to C:HsphereskeletonAWStats and verify if exist “conf” file for needful domain (like awstats.DomainName.conf)
2.Go to Start->Run->cmd
in cmd window put
C:PerlbinPerl.exe “” -update -config=test1.wincp.psoft -configdir=”c:HSphereskeletonAWStats
where :
C:PerlbinPerl.exe is path to Perl.exe is path to file
test1.wincp.psoft is needful domain

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