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August 3rd, 2012

So, you have decided to put up a website or maybe a blog and you need to find affordable shared hosting. You have heard of shared hosting, but you are not really sure what it is all about. The one thing you do know is that your funds are a bit limited and you really need to make sure that you get affordable shared hosting.

The key, however, is not to look at the just the price. The hosting industry is highly competitive and one that offers a large selection of choices for your needs. If you think any hosting under $10 a month is inexpensive shared hosting, then you literally have over 100 choices to look into. This means that you either have to do research for a very long amount of time, or you need a way to shorten the decision making process.

Instead of trying to research all the potential companies out there, you need to understand one simple thing. If you want to get affordable shared hosting, you have to look at the company it comes from more than the actual hosting. Sure, you need to get the features you need like a good content management system, a good website builder, the right amount of space, and more, but the company will make the difference.

In the world of online marketing, each owner wishes to see his web business on top list of Google, Yahoo, MSN and other popular search sites. Nowadays a powerful internet foothold is very critical for success of any organization and a most efficient way to make a mark on the global platform. So , those who need to make their site the face of their business will host their sites on a trustworthy server. Simultaneously, they even demand to get a trusty hosting service at an inexpensive pricing. Therefore , if one owns a SOHO business or wish to put less spending on hosting a domain, she can go for the multi-user hosting.

With such sort of web service, you can simply host your internet site with other individual site controllers. This way your set of costs decreases as you are sharing the server with others. There are many thousands of IT firms round the world engaged in pro multi-user hosts services with different hosting plans. Therefore , for an amateur, it’s tough to select a professional, trustworthy and reasonable hosting partner for his or either her business. Therefore , if you hunting for a honest and best web service supplier, ensure that firm should have extensive variety of internet site hosting offers so you have option to choose the one which fits your pocket.

You must check out all of the parameters and the hosting policies which not only suit your business needs but also meet your financial position. Be sure that the firm give concern to all of your wants, understand them accordingly and supply friendly website hosting solutions.

Most of the companies offer very similar shared hosting packages, so the actual features will be nearly the same from one to another, but the actual company will vary. Some companies don’t provide the same amount of support as others and some simply are not as professional as others are. The company will make all the difference, so let’s look at how to choose the right cheap shared hosting company for your needs.

Choosing an Cheap Host Company

First, you want to look at the different reviews that hosting blogs and websites have written about each of the companies. We recommend only looking at about 5 from the top ten hosting lists that are out there. It is pointless to try to look at them all and will take up way too much of your valuable time.

Read the reviews and see what the word is from the industry. Most of the hosting blogs and websites don’t just give a company a positive review to be nice. They do this because they believe the company will provide you with a solid foundation for your websites and blogs. Besides, some of the reviews you read may not be all that positive.

Second, look at the actual customer reviews of budget shared hosting companies you are consider. This will give you a bit more insight as to what is really going on with the hosting company. If you look at the customers that point out the pros and the cons, you will see the real story for that specific hosting company.

Finally, if you are unable to make a decision based on all the reviews you have read, test the support, and see what you think. Come up with a few simple questions, contact the support team through the online chat option or over the phone, and see how fast and professional they are with their response. This can tell you quite a bit about the company and a good support experience can give you the confidence you need to choose the right company.

Our Inexpensive Shared Hosts Recommendations

We have two recommendations for you, one for blog hosting and one for website hosting. You can use either one for blogs or websites, but we believe one is better for the blogger than the other is. For affordable shared blog hosting, we recommend BlueHost Hosting. They are an industry leader with all the right tools and support to help you achieve blogging success.

If you are not wanting to start a blog, but instead you want to start a website, then we recommend our top hosting choice, FatCow Hosting. They are one of the cheapest hosting choices that actually provides value behind each dollar spent. The support is great and so is the package they offer. This is our overwhelming favorite for affordable shared hosting.

Why the Cheapest Shared Hosting could be a Trap

The cheapest shared hosting can be a trap, just like anything else that is cheap. When we make decisions about different things having to do with our business and even our lives, we tend to allow price to be the deciding factor instead of value. These are very different, but we have been taught, through clever marketing, that they are not.

Price is what you pay for something, whether it is a set price or negotiable. This is the amount of currency you are willing to trade for the product or service you receive in return. An expensive price does not always mean better and a cheap price does not always mean worse. However, with the cheapest shared hosting, you may find that it is not up to par.

Value, on the other hand, may be price driven, but it is the perception of the customer. If you perceive that you are getting a great value with the product or service you are buying, then you believe you are benefiting for every dollar spend. Value does not mean cheaper and sometimes the better value will cost more than the lowest price.

However, marketers have convinced us that value means a lower price by creating things like the McDonald’s value menu and other cheaper items that are given the title of “value”. This is how they try to make a cheaper item seem like a great deal, but it is not always the best choice. We call the cheaper items at a grocery store, the “value” brand and even stores carrying cheaper items than other stores are labeled with this word.

Value, in the hosting world, certainly does not mean going out and getting the cheapest shared hosting. If you just make your decision based on the price, then you may be getting a lower quality hosting account and the value may not be that good at all. Would you choose your meat based on price alone?

What if the grocer offered you ground beef for a super low price, but it was going to expire tomorrow? Is this as good of a value as paying a little extra to get meat that is fresh and will last longer? Value is certainly what we perceive and if you plan to cook the cheaper beef tonight, then it may have a great value to it, but if you plan to save it, freeze it, and use it later, then it has very little or no value whatsoever to you.

Understanding Value and Cheap Shared Hosting

When we look at the hosting world, the value is found in the features, support, reliability, and uptime we get from the company and package we choose. If you are able to get the most uptime, all the features you need, the best customer support, and a reliable host out of the cheapest shared hosting company, and then you are getting a great value.

However, if you find the cheapest hosting out there and you don’t get the features you need, the support is slow, your site seems to be down all the time, and you have all kinds of problems, then you are getting very little value for the dollars you have spent. This is not a good situation to be in and it is more important to get the best value than the cheapest shared hosting.

Finding value means you need to compare a few companies, decide which one is going to provide you with the best features, support, and reliability, and then choose a hosting package that fits with your budget. It does not make much sense to save a few dollars a month if you are not going to have the tools you need to finish your project successfully.

Deciding Between Value and Cheap Hosting

Would a mechanic buy second rate tools just to save a few dollars knowing they are not going to last nearly as long? Would you buy shoes that are cheaper, but poorly made and will wear out faster than the more expensive ones? You need to make your hosting decision the same way you make all the other important decisions. Choose value over the cheapest shared hosting and you will be better off.

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