Affordable Dedicated Hosting – The VPS Option

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August 10th, 2012

There are plenty of businesses everywhere who will select affordable dedicated hosting due to he fact that it gives them excellent security, more reliability and also a lot more resources than a simple shared hosting solution.

When you make the choice of using a dedicated server, you get a lot more control of your hosting account. An affordable dedicated hosting plan lets you rent a server just for yourself. You get full and complete control of the operating system (Windows or Linux), as well as other software that runs on the server. You are therefore free to run any programs, applications or scripts on the server without limitations.

Choosing Affordable Hosting Plans

This is often not the case in shared hosting plans. Provider of shared hosting solutions often restrict the running of certain scripts or applications due to the fact that they may use too much resources or pose a security concern for other sites on the server. While, of course, this is understandable, it does significantly limit what you can do with your own website.

There was a certain time where dedicated servers would be quite expensive and out of reach of most startups and small business clients. But this has now changed. Advances in virtualization technology have made possible the creation of a virtual private server (VPS). It offers a lot of flexibility and costs just a fraction of what normal dedicated hosting would set you back.

The way a VPS works is actually quite simple. A large physical server is split into smaller virtual servers thanks to virtualization software. Some of you may be familiar with Virtual Machine or emulation software that allows you to run 2 operating systems at the same time. VPS hosting works on the same principle.

All the virtual servers run independently of each other, so that every user can install and run software on their own virtual server, without it affecting the other users. The VPS option of affordable dedicated hosting gives you far more flexibility than a shared hosting account, but it still costs far less than getting a physical dedicated server all four yourself.

Finalizing your Dedicated Hosting Choice

When you use your own virtual private server, affordable dedicated hosting becomes a possibility. Reputable hosting vendors offer such plans on both Windows and Unix platforms. You will find that running a Linux VPS will cost you a bit less than a Windows server due to the fact that Linux is an open source operating system and there are no licensing fees attached. This makes it the most popular choice for affordable dedicated hosting VPS servers.

Why Linux Dedicated Servers Are a Great Choice

Linux dedicated servers are used throughout the ecommerce world. As a matter of fact, the Linux operating system is used in the 10 fastest supercomputers of the world. It is no wonder that it is a very popular choice for those who use dedicated servers as part of their ecommerce business, as the Linux operating system can be installed on many different kinds of hardware, is compatible with various software applications that are used in ecommerce and is seen by IT experts as a very reliable operating system that is not prone to crashes and system failures.

Apache is a type of Linux operating system that is often used to power Linux dedicated server. Its overall stability and performance are the principal reason as to why a lot of sites use Linux as an OS. Using Linux on your dedicated server allows you to have it up and running in a very short amount of time and also permits customization like you would have never thought possible under Windows.

Linux dedicated servers give the reliability and expansion capabilities that are sought after by online business operators. Maintaining a Linux web server is very affordable and Linux dedicated servers are a lot more reliable than alternative options that are on the market these days.

The Advantages of Choosing Linux Servers

Lower Cost. Linux dedicated servers give a long term solution to many online businesses at a fraction of the cost that it would take to run another operating system. The technology behind Linux is open source and thus can be used and customized at will by any business. For businesses who don’t have much of a budget to spend on technology, Linux is thus an excellent choice.

Greater Reliability. Linux gives businesses a reliable operating environment, which means that their site is less likely to be down due to server issues or other problems. We all know that in the world of ecommerce, reliability is key. Unless you offer a product that is so unique that no other website in the world sells it, your customers are likely to go look elsewhere if your site is down. Hence the importance of having a server that runs well all the time.

Excellent Security. The Linux operating system is very robust and solid. Linux dedicated servers come standard with the needed security features like anti virus, anti malware and firewalls to prevent hacking. There is a large worldwide community of Linux users who are involved in making the operating system better. Very often these people are simply regular users who do not receive any money for their work, but do it to improve the operating system for everyone. This means that any security breaches or bugs will be rapidly fixed as soon as they become known to the community. It is also very unlikely that the Linux community would be aware of a security problem and try to hide or downplay it, as it is composed of individuals from around the world who are not just working for one software corporation.

Linux Servers for the Right Situation

If you cannot afford to purchase a dedicated server for now, or you don’t think that your website’s current transaction levels justify the deployment of one, the Linux virtual private server (VPS) is an excellent alternative. In a VPS, you are given a share of a dedicated server, which you can use as you wish and install different kinds of software and tools that you couldn’t use if you were on a shared hosting account. VPS Linux dedicated servers are truly a great choice for small e-commerce sites.

With all the advantages that they offer, Linux dedicated servers should be considered by any business that wants a reliable, stable and secure server without having to pay large amounts for one.

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