A Guide To Registering a Domain Name

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September 18th, 2012

Registering domain name is essential if you want to have a successful online business or personal website and getting web hosting for it is also very easy. In order to make sure that your domain name is located easily by different search engines, try to keep your domain name short and simple. A domain is essentially the web address for your website and thus any internet user looking for your online presence can type that domain name in the top bar on the browser to reach your website. Your aim should be to locate your website at the top of the search list.

Many companies and registrars can be found online which will help you register your domain name so that it becomes your property. Registering domain name can be pretty easy if you do a little bit of researching online. There are numerous websites which have lengthy articles that teach you were to go and what to do when registering domain name.

Useful Information

If you are not much experienced in the business of website making, you may fall for cheap packages offered by different hosting companies. These packages may cost you less but are generally bad news. They may trick you by adding minimum features in the basic package and charging you extra for services other companies offer for free. Go online to look for a company which helps you get a catchy and unique domain name at a reasonable price.

When registering domain name, remember to check if it has been registered under your name or the company’s. Some companies register domains under their own name and thus own it. If in the future, you decide to change your hosting company, they charge you a high price just to release the domain name. It’s best if you register the domain name with a reliable company and once you choose a hosting company for your entire website, you can simply transfer the domain name.

Things To Remember

Free domain names keep the budget under check but the companies which provide them usually are not very reliable and have limited infrastructure. They can go out of business without warning and cause all sorts of problems for you. When registering domain name, check what services are being offered to you by the company. They should have an excellent customer support service that stays online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you need to test them, try dropping in an email to see how long they take to reply. Good hosting companies are always available to guide you through any problem.

Moreover, you should also be careful about the domain name you choose. Choose a name that is a true representation of your business. Don’t go for a domain name that has got nothing to do with your business or the kind of business you run. Moreover, a common mistake that a lot of website owners make is that they forget to renew their domain names. If you forget to renew your domain name and it expires, someone else can buy it and you lose it forever. All the hard work you have put into advertising the website and making it a success can go to waste. If you remember all these tips when registering domain name, there is no reason why you will face any sort of unpleasantness.

Essential Guide To Buying Domains

Buying domains can make a huge difference for your online business. Internet usage has increased significantly over the years and many people and companies now opt to purchase domains for marketing purposes primarily. Moreover, as more and more people have gained access to the internet, it has become easier for people to buy domains. Even the layman now understands many internet terms. The term domain was little used term some decades ago but today, most people know that it is the internet address for your website. The domain is what the user enters on the top domain bar of the browser in order to visit a certain website.

The domain can consist of actual words or letters or anything that represents your website. Regardless of the name, domains are internet’s way of locating your website. In today’s world, it is essential that you have an online presence for your business or just a website for personal use like a blog. The process of having a website begins with buying domains. After you design your website, you have to come up with a memorable domain name and then get it registered with a registrar or hosting company.

Not A Complex Task

The domain name you choose should represent your business well. It has to be as short as possible and a true representative of your company or whatever entity you are making the website for. The less complicated it is, the more likely people are to remember it. There are a number of formats available for you to choose. Make sure that the dot com format is your first choice. If however, you cannot find a dot com format, you can always go for dot org or dot net. It is more important that your domain name be relevant to the business.

When buying domains, remember that you should go for a reliable registrar. The process is easy enough. You should head online and look for a reliable hosting company or registrar. You can either get a domain name in the package offered to you by the hosting company which hosts your entire website. If not, you can register your domain name with a separate registrar so that transferring it becomes easier in the future. When you buy domains, remember to check if it has been registered in your name. A lot of hosting companies register the domain name under themselves and thus it does not belong to you. If you wish, in the future, to change your hosting company, you run into a number of problems.

Things To Do After the Purchase

Once you are through with purchasing a domain, there are some other things that need to be fulfilled. There is a common misperception amongst a lot of web developers that once the domain is purchased, they are done with the whole process. Well, truth be told, things are not that simple. A very important part of owning domain names is to renew the registrations after a certain period of time.

Each domain name registration has an expiry date. The registrar will most certainly send you an email as a reminder. The email will entail all the instructions on how a domain name can be renewed. You can simply head over to the registrar’s website, pay the fee and have your domain name renewed. Buying domains can make all the difference for your website.

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