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August 27th, 2012

Web sites host play an integral part in the success of your website. Internet usage is on the rise and there are over twenty million websites on the internet today. There are few things which cannot be obtained, bought or sold online, be it information, goods or services. In order to understand how different websites function, you have to do a fair amount of research. When you click on a link on the internet, or enter any website’s address on your browser’s address line, the browser converts it into a set of numbers. This is called the internet protocol address. Each website in existence does not have its own geographical location. They are all loaded in one super computer known as the server. Web hosting sites are where these servers reside.

There are generally two types of hosting provided to you by web sites host. Dedicated hosting occupies an entire server and is commonly used to large complicated websites. Most websites, however, share space on a single server. This type of hosting is called shared hosting.

Always Choose Reliability

The reliability of the web sites host is of the greatest importance. Due to advancement in technology, each customer expects high levels of performance and reliability. The best web sites host delivers exactly that. The minimum reliability level accepted in the market is 99.9% but some claim to have a 100% reliability level. Reliability essentially measures the up time and down time your website experiences. If web sites host offer 99.9% reliability, it means that your website will experience up time 99.9 percent of the times. Down time means that you website will be down and inaccessible to visitors.

Web sites host offer a variety of services to match the requirements of your website. Some web hosts even offer to handle all the work related to the website. On other occasions, they only offer an access route to the internet and disk space on the server. Needless to say the costs vary according to the amount of work the host is expected to do.

Things To Look Out For When Choosing Web Hosts

The more services and features the hosting company offers, the better it is. Good hosts offer more services, like unlimited emails, in the basic package. There are numerous unlimited services offered by hosts. Be sure to avail them for as low a cost as possible. Try to get unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited emails, unlimited MySQL databases etc. Customer support is also very important. Try to get a hosting company which offers 24 hour customer support service. You can check their service for quality by dropping in an email and checking how long they take to respond.

There are many hosts out there who try to fool you by offering free services for a year and suddenly they’ll start charging you extra. Do fair amounts of research before you finalize your web sites host.

Step one: purchase and set up your Cheap Domain Names and Hosting

With the amount of Cheap Domain Names and Hosting services on offer across the internet, there is a great opportunity out there to make a lot of money by setting up and monetizing a website. Even for those who do not want to monetize their website, this article offers a great example of how to set up and monetize a website with Cheap Domain Names and Hosting.

Purchase: Step one is to purchase your desired Cheap Domain Names and Hosting services, there are lots of options out there, Hostgator are particularly good for hosting and name.com are an excellent company to buy your domain name from. You should aim to keep your domain name under three words, and preferably use a .com, .net or .info (.info is effective if you use it as part of the brand – e.g. collegeinfo.com) top level domain – but you could try a simple test website with less expensive domains before rushing into a commitment.

Setup and Install your Software: the best way to get your website up and running quickly is to use software called WordPress (this site uses it!), as it allows you to easily put up posts, articles and content onto your site. It is completely free and comes with very, very easy to understand installation instructions. Many Cheap Domain Names and Hosting services will have a simple, one click install button that will get everything set up for you. However, if your Cheap Domain Names and Hosting service does not offer this, then you can find a lot of services on the internet that will get you up and running cheaply and quickly.

Step two: put content on your Cheap Hosting

The most important part of any website is the content on it, and this is something that your Cheap Domain Names and Hosting will not be able to do for you, it is completely up to you to sort it all out. However, never fear, it is one of the easiest processes once you know how, and there are two ways (detailed below), of how to go about it.

Hiring writers is the main way to get content onto your website, and some Cheap Domain Names and Hosting companies will even have links to get you started on the process of finding a writer to create the content. It is really easy to find a whole range of great writers, a simple Google search will return hundreds of possible options.

Writing the content yourself can save a lot of money (even more than using a Cheap Domain Names and Hosting service). There are a few simple rules – make your writing clear, concise and easy to understand, split up long topics into several articles, and finally – enjoy the writing process (you get to educate hundreds of people across the globe!).

Step three: monetize the content on your Cheap Domain

There are several ways to monetize your site, but Google AdWords is often the easiest and best to use. Google AdWords is often linked to many Cheap Domain Names and Hosting companies – they will usually have a link showing you how to set up your advertising account with them.

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